Ledebouria species

I found this plant at Arid Lands Greenhouses. It immediately caught my attention.

Ledebouria is mostly an African genus of bulbous plants, often with very decorative leaves. Many species in this genus were formally of the genus Scilla. It looks like a winter grower, and I suspect it will go mostly dormant in the warm season. I can’t wait until it blooms. I don’t know what species it is (it was labeled Ledebouria sp.). Anyone have any guesses?

UPDATE: the plant has been identified at Ledebouria revoluta. It was the images on line of that species that most closely resembled my plant, but until a Ledebouria expert confirmed this, I was reluctant to assume this is true, especially just from a picture on line.


5 thoughts on “Ledebouria

  1. I would guess Ledebouria revoluta. I had a Ledebouria once. Not the best place to have them, here in the north, on a windowsill, near a woodstove in a drafty old log cabin, and seldom dusted off. But it was there and just subsisting and surviving for years, unnoticed, and definitely under appreciated but occasionally “noticed”, until it caught us all by surprise and flowered it’s little bulbs off. I think mine was L. socialis.

  2. L. revoluta has much more upright foliage. The foliage on this one is much flatter and sturdy too, a little thicker. Of course that doesn’t account for a possible horticultural effect on the plants. I saw pics a few weeks ago of this species and thought it was the closest, but I am not sure yet.

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