update July, garden out of control


I finally got some of the last touches in the garden done. Most especially the food injectors which inject a more consistent amount of food into my hoses so I can feed (water soluble kelp, compost tea, microorganism innoculants, etc). Add the onset of monsoon humidity and the love of warmth that many of the warm season crops have, and you have chaos. The plants are all growing and producing faster than I can keep up with. Tomatoes are producing copiously, eggplants are finally really putting our fruit, peppers throwing out fruits left and right, and in general the garden is exploding with green.

DSCF4895The first crop of okra I started was really lame for some reason. This second try is doing much better. Plants are just busting out. They should get really big.

My real obsession right now is the Amorphophallus species. I have about 10 species right now. There is only one species that seems to be sort of complainy: Amorphophallus longituberosus.The leaves have emerged but have not yet unfolded. I was really surprised by this because the tuber was so large and healthy-looking. Maybe it really just hates the heat?

All the other species are doing fantastically well, including the famous Amorphophallus titanum of which I have several of. If I can ever get that plant to bloom with it’s 6-7 foot carion-smelling, phallic flower, I can go to my grave having accomplished something worth working for.

Here are a few images of the Amorphophallus I am growing in the greenhouse:





Now, the foliage is cool and all, but you must understand, if you don’t already, what these things look like when they bloom, and why I am obsessing on them:






See what I mean? Large phallic rotten smelling flowers that look like they are from another planet altogether? Totally worth busting one’s ass for.


5 thoughts on “update July, garden out of control

  1. cool. i’m slow…so much to read here and I just got here, where is this? private or public? I went to see the corpse flower on display at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden a few years ago, but didn’t get to smell it!

  2. Your garden is stunning! I hope that you are continuing with this beautiful obsession. The world has enough concrete and plastic; we need more amazing greenery to encourage respect of the only planet we will ever have.

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