The Ressurrection Of My Gardening Blog

Ground has been broken. More details later.

I took a break from gardening, mostly because I didn’t think I was in the place in my life where I could set any roots down. This thinking has changed. Despite the fact that I live in a rental, that my personal and the national economies are a mess, I have concluded this is not a time to avoid growing a garden, but rather the BEST time to have a garden.

In these pages I will post guides (video and written, with pictures) to help share the information I painstakenly collected for most of my life regarding growing things in the SW USA (and N. Mexico). I will also include some other topics like urban homesteading (raising chickens, making cheese, brewing beer, etc).

These pages are all about making life more fun by rejecting consumer culture and figuring out how to do things for yourself, in addition to the general pleasure of growing things and making things.

Look forward to some articles that will follow my own process of turning my own empty lot which hasn’t probably ever had a

Albuca spiralis

garden, into a productive garden. We will do this at the lowest cost possible.

I am a 30-something (ok I am almost 40) man who has very little financial resources. I live in the city of downtown Tucson. And I am committed to proving that gardening and homesteading is not just for rich yuppie baby-boomers with expendable income and land. We will explore the possibilities together: composting, vermiculture (raising earthworms), making aerated compost tea, raising animals, decreasing your waste–or rather turning your food waste efficiently into a usable product, how to deal with preserving an abundance of crops (what to do with extra radishes), and other topics of this nature.

We will also discuss plants that are just fun to grow as ornamentals because we love plants for what they are even if they have no use for humans. Perhaps even BECAUSE they have no use for humans other than enjoying their form and existence.

Feel free also to ask gardening questions and send those questions to

Also look for my gardening articles in Tucson’s arts and culture magazine Zocalo (here are some articles I have already written).


6 thoughts on “The Ressurrection Of My Gardening Blog

  1. Great article, well detailed and it is lifting the moral! I like your optimism, it is contagious. If I may have a suggestion though, I think your blog is nice overall, but a different theme with a more friendlier color would probably serve you better as well as your visitors. It is a little bit too hard on the eyes.
    It’s just a suggestion, you do what you want, it’s your blog. I enjoyed reading your article very much.

    Best regards and success with your gardening blog.


    • I appreciate the suggestion. I am going to change the look of this blog sometime soon, making it more of a web page with videos, etc. I will keep it this way for now due to lack of time. I do love the black background for pictures but I understand it can be tough to read. I will look into solving this as soon as I can. Thanks for the suggestion.

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