Watering Cans, Why We Use Them

I’ve said it before. I am a sucker for good gardening tools. Watering cans are old fashioned but still the best for getting around in the garden and doing specific watering. Irrigation systems are a must, especially if you have a large garden. But sometimes you need to get in the nitty-gritty and hit some new seedlings, potted plants or a particularly thirsty plant in a bed. Watering cans are great for this, and the better the watering can, the better you accomplish your goal.

Delicious Pour

I look for watering cans with long necks that can reach hard-to-get spots. Good balance is also important.

Haws watering cans from England are a bit of a luxury item. But I don’t care. I started using them some years ago and find them irreplaceable. The plastic JUGS that are sold in garden shops suck. Especially when you get used to the double handles and removable/interchangeable spouts that pour so deliciously.

You don’t need to be as snobby as I am about this. As I said, I do have a fetish for these sorts of things.


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