A Quick Idea For Frost Protection


I am always happy to find a way to reuse stuff. Not so I can feel righteous about recycling or whatever. But rather so I don’t have to buy more crap. I am using plastic bottles to cover early plantings (seedling of peppers and eggplant at the moment). 

Just cut the top of the bottle of and put it upside-down in the soil–twist it into the ground so it doesn’t blow around if it gets windy.

If it’s not too hot, leave them on for a day or so to acclimate seedlings. You want plants to harden up, so don’t keep doing this. During this time, keep a close eye on the lows, and cover as necessary.


4 thoughts on “A Quick Idea For Frost Protection

  1. Hi there – I have another quick idea for making cold-frames out of reusable materials. I use those zip-up plastic covers that sheets and comforters come in. The larger ones are the perfect size for seed trays and the zip-up feature allows me to let air in as necessary. I’m starting peppers from seed in one right now.

    There’s a website that’s giving away free pepper seeds – it’s called Regal Peppers and you can get it at http://www.regalpeppers.com

  2. This is really innovative! I love it – is it too early to start tomatoes outside? I’ve been told they are more cold sensitive and should be started inside, thoughts?

    • You can start seeds indoors. If you have plants, you can plant them but you will need to protect them. It is good to start the long season tomatoes indoors because they only have so much time before the heat renders them unable to produce fruit. You don’t need to start the early varieties like this, or the cherry types because they all produce early and heavily. But any of the large fruited tomatoes that take a long time to produce, start early.

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