The Lemony Hangover Fix: Vietnamese Balm

Vietnamese Balm (Kinh Gioi)

Elsholtzia ciliata

I picked this up from one of my favorite seed sources, Kitazawa Seed Company. This Southeast Asian native is mainly a culinary herb, great in salads, soups (awesome added fresh to the top of a nice pho), or with fish or chicken. It is also used as a tea (most often by the Japanese) for hangovers. Since I am somewhat of a …partaker in alcoholic beverages…I think I might employ this a bit this summer. It is also used in steam baths for better skin. Flavor is lemony with a hint of mint (this plant is in the mint family). 

Grow in full sun, average garden soil, and keep flower heads dead-headed unless you are trying to get seed (which if you don’t protect from frost, you will need). You can keep them alive longer in a greenhouse, but it’s probably just easier to plant from seed each spring. Direct sow seeds after threat of frost.


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