Bee Friendly Gardens

There are lots of things you can do to encourage and support bees in your community. But people tend to do things that make it difficult for them to exist. Bees pollinate so many of our crops. It bee-hooves us to keep them healthy. 

While we are talking about bees: stop fearing “Africanized” bees. Fear driving or the lunch you just ate at Taco Bell, because the chances of you being harmed by those things are so much higher, ridiculously higher, it’s laughable that people freak out the way they do about such a thing.

  • Make a bee bath. It’s like

    Verbena is native, has a long blooming season and bees love it.

    a birdbath but with a few small rocks/pebbles to give the bees somewhere to land and drink.

  • Get rid of your lawn. Lawns suck anyway.
  • Plan your garden and landscape so that there is always something blooming. Especially in mid summer and mid winter. This is nice for you as well as the bees.
  • Let your veggie crops finish blooming. Instead of yanking those bolting greens, let them give the bees some nectar and pollen. Maybe even get into the habit of saving seed.

    Bees on bolted cabbage flowers.

  • Teach your friends to not fear bees. Particularly swarming bees, which are bees at perhaps their most docile.
  • Stop employing bee removal people. They suck. There are bee-friendly companies that find new homes for the colonies. Use them instead.
  • Think about possibly keeping bees for yourself. If you are willing to manage the hives, they are less of a time commitment than that TV show you are obsessively watching online. And you get honey, wax and pollen out of the deal.
  • Make mason bee nests. These are solitary bees and they are easy to encourage. Here is a guide made by the University of Arizona.

    Homemade Mason Bee Hotel

  • Plant an abundance of native plants in your landscape. Think not only of the familiar honey bees, but the vast array of native bees out there.
  • Don’t be a douche. Avoid using pesticides and be as organic as possible. It’s really not that hard.

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